Open Ground

I proudly present my new iOS game Open Ground


Over the past months I was working from time to time on a physic based game for iOS. At the beginning I was just playing around with the Box2D library and thought I should try a game with it. What I didn’t realized was how time-consuming a game can be with all these Menus, Buttons, Enemies and Objects you can collect. At the end a very fast, frustrating but challenging game came out 🙂 The goal of the game is to get as far as possible. When you are too slow the ground will start to break. The level creation is working with a random algorithm so every time you play it’s a little bit different. You can try it out for free. Thank you for sharing.







I proudly present my first Game CUBISTIC:


After three Photo & Video apps i decided to make my first Game.

The main rule of the Game: The little pixel guy has to find his way to the door. You have a limit amount of blocks which all have different characteristics. You have to drop them at the right position. Every level has only one possible solution. There are 50 levels out at them moment. The first 30 levels are free.

For the retro Game Boy Look if got inspired from Lego NXT Display. It has a 100 by 64 pixel screen with no colors. The NXT computer also realy limits you in animations because performance wise it makes more sence to turn on and off a specific pixel than drawing an whole new screen every frame. Every pixel draws a shadow and, when turned off, they are fading out which has an impact on the animation as well.

Some Screenshots:

pad_1  pad_3 pad_2pad_4

I hope you like the game and thank you for sharing.



I proudly present my third app SandCam:


With this app you can take a picture and watch in collapse. There are also two different coloration modes. This time it is made for iPhone and iPad. Its free if you just want to try it out.

Image    Image

Image    Image


Working on a new app

The last weeks i was working on a new app and its already waiting for review in the AppStore. It will be available for iPhone and iPad. This time i made it for free and added some InApp features. So the next days you will be able to play with a new app which is doing something like this:

Image    Image

more information after release.

Have a nice day.

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