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For Promotion Monotono will be free till Tuesday (1pm GMT) via . Price will change during the next hour.

Here is the App Store Link to the app:    AppStoreLink

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I proudly present my new photo app Monotono.


The app is available for iOS and Android:

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play

With this app you can capture beautiful round black & white images. The nice feature is, that you can control exposure and contrast directly in the app preview just with a finger swipe. If you hold the capture button you start a long time exposure like in my other app Bluristic. In the iOS version you can also capture round videos.

I came to this app by accident: For another printing project i needed round black and white images. It was hard to compose a round image when you see the whole square frame in the normal camera app. So i made a quick app prototype where i only can see the image in a round shape. That`s how it happend 🙂 The black and white restriction with the shape on white background leads to calm and strong images.

I hope you like it as well. Here are some samples that i made with the app. These examples are directly out of the app. No filter afterwards:

If you like it please share it. (#Monotono)

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Bluristic iOS Update 1.4 is now available

The last months i was working on a huge iOS update for the app Bluristic.

I also made a small Videotutorial “how to blur the background”. There will be more of these tutorials when i find some time for it.

Here are the main new features of the update:

– two tracking points
– enable/disable tracking
– double exposure when disabled tracking
– tracking points can now stick to an object during the preview
– three new capture modes
– one capture mode allows creating small gifs animations
– saving and loading RAW Capture is now possible
– auto contrast correction added
– histogram manipulation possible
– small layout updates
– Instagram export tool

Hope you like it. More detailed explanations will come in the next posts.

For android i can only add some of these features. Working on this the next weeks.

Links to the stores :

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play

Hello to the world

Hello Internet

my name is Johannes Pfahler. The last seven years I studied photography in Germany. My study time wasn‘t just about taking pictures with a camera. It was more like a roadtrip of visual curiosity. When I had an idea or some technical experiment in my mind I stoped doing what I was doing and spent the rest of the day on my idea. This could go on for days until i found some kind of an answer. Usually the project wasn‘t ready for being published at this point. So during those years I stumbled from one project into another. I worked with old scanners, tried to make my own 3D Display, experimented with light field photography and a lots of other stuff. Finally I started programming. With programming my horizon of ideas was growing fast. No more limitations by programs I‘ve used before. My final work of study in photography was a bunch of visual experiments about a black cube with a swinging metal ball inside. Here you can see a picture of one exhibition:

photo: Philip Kistner

So. This was two years ago and now real life is knocking louder on my door. I asked myself what I can do with the time and all i‘ve learned from my photography experiments so far. I decided to start programming Smartphone apps. My goal is to transfer my visual ideas on your smartphones. If my plan is working I will still be able to follow my ideas but always with the goal of a small app as the final product. So lets see where the journey takes me. If you like what I am doing I would be more than happy if your share this blog with other people.

Thank you


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