Blur –> Bluristic

I had the impression that this weekly photo challenge fits quite well to my last app Bluristic.

I captured a friend on his bike two month ago. The sun was going down on a quite warm day and the bright blue background was perfect for tracking the movement of the bike in motion with this app.


You can see the full resolution when you click on the image.

For more information on the app Bluristic just click here on the icon :


You can find more information about the contest : Here

Have a nice day

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2 responses to “Blur –> Bluristic

  1. great capture..I love this app. My post also used the bluristic app.

    • Thank you. Nice that you like the app and that you use it so much. Its always interesting to see how people use the tracking feature. Specially liked your ice skaters. There will be an update for iOS in some weeks and later for Android too.. It will add different Blendmodes (Additiv,Negativ..etc.) which will be great for more experimenting. Also working on a black&white mode at the moment which looks very promising.. lets see. Good luck with your submission.

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